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About Paul Gargan Racing

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Welcome to PGR.

We are a specialist horse racing tips service.

Our staff have over 200 years of combined betting experience at their disposal.

This depth of knowledge and understanding sets our service apart from our competitors.

Our founder, renowned gambler Paul Gargan, and our team of dedicated analysts, offer top-class daily insights for UK & Irish horse racing.

Heavily-involved in racing for two decades, Paul has an enviable network of contacts throughout the industry.

Combined with cutting-edge data science and machine learning, we deliver the best betting advice money can buy.

It’s our mission to enhance your enjoyment when you’re betting on horse racing and increase your chances of winning.

More Than Just A Tipping Service

At Paul Gargan Racing (PGR), we pride ourselves on being more than just a tipster service.

Our journey began with the vision of Paul Gargan, a name synonymous with success in the horse racing betting arena.

Paul’s unparalleled understanding of the sport, honed over 22 years in the business, forms the backbone of our service.

But what really sets PGR apart? It’s our team. A diverse group of experts, each bringing their own unique skill set to the table. From seasoned analysts who have walked the tracks for years to data scientists who dissect numbers like no other, our team’s sole focus is to give you the winning edge. We blend experience with innovation, offering horse racing tips that aren’t just guesses but data-backed predictions.

PGR isn’t just about winning; it’s about winning smart. We believe in responsible gambling and informed decision-making. Our tips are designed not only to increase your chances of success but to educate you along the way. With PGR, you’re not just following advice; you’re gaining insights into the art and science of horse racing betting.

The PGR Experience: A Cut Above the Rest

What makes the PGR experience truly unique? It’s our commitment to quality and consistency. We don’t just follow the herd. We dig deep, analyse trends, track conditions, jockey performances, and much more.

This comprehensive approach allows us to provide top-class insights into UK and Irish horse racing.

Our Mission: Enhance, Educate, and Empower

At PGR, our mission is threefold: to enhance your enjoyment of betting, educate you on the finer aspects of the sport, and empower you to make winning choices.

An informed punter is a successful punter. That’s why we go beyond just providing tips; we provide a learning experience.

Join our community of punters and embark on a journey of discovery. Whether you’re a seasoned gambler or new to the track, PGR has something for everyone.

We’re not just offering tips; we’re offering a partnership in your betting journey.