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Looking for today’s best pro horse racing tips? You’re in the right place…

PGR was founded in 2001 by successful professional gambler Paul Gargan.

For over 20 years Paul and his team of racing form analysts have supplied top horse racing tips UK & Irish horse racing.

Our team benefits from 200+ years of combined betting experience. Using advanced data science and machine learning techniques, we deliver the best horse racing tips money can buy.

Joining PGR will increase your enjoyment of horse racing betting and boost increase your chances of winning.

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I’ve been betting with Paul for a long time. I’ve always found the emails a reliable, economical way to get expert insights. The occasional piece of inside information is great too! Paul is an absolute pro.

Jamie Parker


In the past I’d risk too much of my bankroll on individual bets. Especially short ones. PGR’s Silver Service has taught me to spread my risk more. And it has improved my profits hugely.

Scott Garcia


I’d never been horse racing and signed up to PGR the night before a stag do at York. I had a great day and doubled my money! If PGR can make me win, they can make anyone win.

Ian Sims

Pro Horse Racing Tips from PGR

At PGR we have all the betting angles covered. Want horse racing predictions for tomorrow? Not a problem. Need the best horse racing tips for today? That’s fine as well, we have you covered.

But becoming a better punter and learning to bet like a professional gambler is not just about following tips. Like any learned skill, we get better at gambling on the geegee’s with practice and training. Expanding your betting skillset and starting to think like a pro horse racing tipster or punter is vitally important.

In our horse racing blog you can find a wide range of betting resources, horse racing news and general advice about becoming a better gambler.

So whether you want horse racing tips for tomorrow, today’s top horse racing tips or simply to brush up on your horse racing betting strategies, you can find tonnes of free value in the articles below.

Paul Gargan Racing has remained at the forefront of the professional horse racing tips industry for 2 decades for a simple reason.

We are totally dedicated to helping our members become better gamblers, and place more winning bets, more often.

This is not limited to simply delivering pro horse race tips on a daily basis. Sharing our learnings and giving solid advice for you to become a better gambler in your own right is what sets PGR apart from the competition.

Other racing tipsters just exist to milk their customers of as much revenue as possible. We take a different approach to providing our own professional horse race tips.

At PGR, we believe that if we look after our members, and help you as much as possible, then you have good things to say about us to your friends and family. This allows us to grow our service naturally without any aggressive marketing or sales pitch.

The fact that over 60% of new members come from referrals from existing members backs this up. We are here to help you beat the bookies. Not to clean you out for our own profit.

When you are looking to buy premium horse racing tips in the UK, reputation is everything. Never deal with someone you’ve never heard of. Always trust a proven, successful horse racing tipster like Paul Gargan and his PGR team.

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